Lisa Bailey

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Lisa Bailey

Lisa Bailey Lead Curriculum Director

Lisa is one of the most passionate Classical Conversations people you will find anywhere. Not only did she tutor her own kids in CC, but she also became an employee and ambassador for CC, and now her two daughters have joined her as employees and ambassadors as well!

Lisa and her husband, David, live in Stokesdale, North Carolina. Her daughters—Stephanie Bailey Meter graduated from Challenge IV in 2012 and works on the Global Curriculum Team of CCMM, and Sarah Bailey Elliott graduated from Challenge IV in 2015 and works for Human Resources.

Lisa has had many responsibilities with CC over the years and is currently Lead Curriculum Developer for the Global Curriculum Team for Classical Conversations MultiMedia (CCMM). CCMM is Classical Conversations’ publishing company. As lead curriculum developer she encourages and equips parents and families through program and curriculum development, speaking, and podcasting.

Lisa and her family joined the CC family in 2004 when she began directing Challenge B. Since then she has served as the state manager for North Carolina, the original program manager for Challenge B, the lead Practicum developer, and speaker trainer since 2013.

She graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from Wake Forest University in 1985. In her spare time Lisa loves reading, decorating projects, exercising, and entertaining.

Lisa loves puns and tells lots of stories about her family’s homeschool journey. Her kids are already preparing to cringe!

Lisa will be introducing the Practicum 2021 topic, “Attending to the Essentials,” during her talk and sharing how discovering the “essentials” is the key to uncovering the treasures of homeschooling.

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