Heather Shirley

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Heather Shirley

Former Chief Academic Officer, Veteran Director, and Homeschool Mom

Heather Shirley Chief Academic Officer

Heather is well known for her love of classical learning, literature and philosophy, so it might be surprising for some to learn that her master’s degree is in mathematics and computer engineering!

Heather and her husband, Ed, live in Kernersville, North Carolina, and have three grown children who have all graduated from Challenge IV.

The Chief Academic Officer for Classical Conversations, Heather also answers to chief bookworm and chief inquiry-into-wonder officer. She develops curriculum, services, and training that enable parents to pursue a classical, Christian education and develop communities that support that endeavor. Heather has been associated with CC for 19 years. Her overarching responsibility is to oversee the development of curriculum for students from kindergarten to college level.

Heather is a graduate of the CiRCE Institute’s Teacher’s Apprenticeship as a certified master teacher. CiRCE (Consulting and Integrated Resources in Classical Education) is a leading provider of inspiration, information, and insight to classical educators as well as the publisher of The Lost Tools of Writing program, used in the Challenge program.

A veteran CC tutor, Heather has experienced CC’s curriculum from the inside at every level. She tutored Foundations for six years, Essentials for three years, Challenge III for three years, and Challenge IV for three years. This intimate knowledge of the curriculum helps her to improve the curriculum and gives her the ability to inspire and encourage homeschooling parents on their CC journey.

Heather is passionate about learning and about people, and Classical Conversations has given her wonderful opportunities to engage her passions, spending time with the next generation and their parents, and bringing people and ideas together.

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