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National Conference and National Commencement Events!

Featuring Leigh and Robert Bortins

Each year, the Classical Conversations Foundation sponsors two separate events, held in conjunction with each other: the National Conference and the National Commencement.

Though locations and dates can change year to year, the spirit of the National Conference and the National Commencement is to connect lives through learning, as parents and students across the nation come together for fellowship, teaching, encouragement, and celebration.

Classical Conversations National Confrence event

National Conference

We hope to see you and your family at our National Conference from May 2-4, 2024! Listen to Classical Conversations® leaders, like our founder, Leigh Bortins, and our CEO, Robert Bortins, as they speak about the classical, Christian education movement. There will also be student camps and various activities and opportunities to meet other Classical Conversations families from around the nation.

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International homeschool girls playing at an event

National Commencement

Formerly known as Graduation or Capstone Celebration, National Commencement honors the end of the homeschool journey—not just for our Challenge graduates but also for our parents who have dedicated themselves to this calling. This event is a formal graduation ceremony held on May 4, 2024, where each graduate is recognized in traditional cap and gown regalia.

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Genesis 7:1-8

Public Reading of Scripture (PRS)

The Classical Conversations Foundation is partnering with a new organization called Public Reading of Scripture (PRS) to promote the regular reading of the Bible online with other individuals and families. Our goal is to united people around the world around the Word!

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