Classical Conversations National Conference

Classical Conversations
National Conference 2022

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We believe education is best experienced together. So, during our annual National Conference, our parents and students are given the opportunity to meet and fellowship with the larger Classical Conversations® community of families from around the nation.

Sponsored by the Classical Conversations Foundation*, the 2022 National Conference will be held Friday, April 29, through Saturday, April 30.

Several key homeschooling leaders will speak during the event, including Classical Conversations’ founder, Leigh Bortins, and CEO Robert Bortins. They will discuss the classical, Christian education movement, advise of practical tools in homeschooling, and impart the mission and vision of Classical Conversations. Leigh Bortins will also host a panel discussion of Challenge graduates, in which they’ll chat about topics important to classical, Christian education and homeschooling.

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*Classical Conversations Foundation is a nonprofit organization, separate from Classical Conversations, Inc., but it’s driven by the very same mission: to know God and to make Him known.

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