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Church Projects

We support special church projects

We believe the church is the primary way that God accomplishes His purposes on earth. For this reason, we are exploring ways to support and strengthen the local church. We want to hear from you about how the Classical Conversations Foundation might help churches strengthen their work. Please contact us with your suggestions.

Growing the Christian faith throughout the world

The local church is critical to growing the Christian faith throughout the world. They are instrumental in training new Christians and growing Christian leaders. And just as important, the local church is usually the primary Christian witness in every community.

Helping Churches in Need

We read in the Bible that the apostle Paul spent his life developing, supporting, and encouraging the work of the local church. We too want to be engaged in supporting the local church, but we also know that many local churches have needs that far exceed our resources.

For this reason we need to be judicious with these resources. We want to be able to help churches that may suffer from the destruction of property as well as those that may encounter persecution, such as political attacks, that may threaten to limit their work.

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