Annual Report

Classical Conversations Foundation
Annual Report

Annual Report

The Classical Conversations Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was formed to support more opportunities to influence the world for Christ. Following are some of our key program activities:

  • Homeschool Families on Missions, which provides grants to homeschool students for short-term mission trips.
  • Public Reading of Scripture, which is an effort to encourage more frequent Bible reading in order to improve biblical literacy and spiritual awareness.
  • Clergy Appreciation Program, which provides a means for people to encourage pastors and other workers in Christian ministry.
  • National Conference and Commencement events, which provide a means to help equip and encourage Christian homeschool parents as well as a way to recognize and celebrate Christian homeschool graduates.

Below is a link to our most recent annual report. We greatly appreciate your support as we depend on charitable donations to fund our work.

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